where to throw away mattress near me

Use the options below to find the mattress removal solution that is right for you. mattress disposal Options. A gently used mattress can be donated, but if yours is old and worn-out, you’ll need to throw it away. Look through the mattress disposal options below to find one that’s convenient for you.

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How To Find A Mattress Disposal Near Me Mattress Disposal – In America, approximately 15 to 20 million mattresses are disposed of every year. In landfill space, all of these mattresses take up more than 132,000 square miles – figures that the government wants to cut down on in the hopes of decreasing waste.

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Mattress Disposal Guide Getting a new mattress can do wonders for your health and happiness – no more tossing and turning, aching back in the morning, or sprung springs poking you while you sleep. Congrats!

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