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appliances such as refrigerators that contain freon must be certified freon-free before they can be dropped off. Most appliance dealers can remove freon. Some municipalities take appliances with the.

EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act require that refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment be tested to ensure it meets EPA requirements. Recovery equipment standards vary depending on the size and type of air-conditioning or refrigeration appliance.

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Special Note on Freon removal – refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners contain Freon. Federal law requires a licensed technician to.

For refrigerators, freezers and any appliance containing Freon, you must first have a technician remove the Freon and attach a Freon removal tag. Please call .

Refrigerators with Flammable Freon. Some refrigerators contain a new kind of Freon that DSNY will not remove. These appliances have warning stickers that are yellow triangles with black flames. Contact the manufacturer of the appliance or a waste removal vendor for options to safely dispose of the appliance.

Before you junk your refrigerator, you are going to have to pay someone to remove the refrigerant from the compressor. – Do-it-yourselfers can no longer add or remove refrigerant gas in appliances.

refrigerator removal service Whether OCD Moving Services is handling a home, apartment, or commercial move, it provides junk removal services to its clients as a bonus. ocd moving services’ staff is trained to recycle unwanted.

Alternatives for the Proper Disposal of Appliances that contain freon. (air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers). The Clean Air Act of 1990.

The removal of Freon from anything requires epa certification and the use of proper tools and equipment.. This process on how to recycle an old refrigerator can be used on any scrap refrigerator, wine fridge or deep freezer that you find while out collecting scrap metal.

For a list of companies that remove refrigerant, call the public works department at (412) 343-3403. To avoid paying refrigerant removal costs, it is suggested that residents have the company delivering the new appliance dispose of the old appliance. Appliance Warehouse collects items with Freon. Call (888) GO FREON / (888) 463-7366.

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